The Republic of Singapore, is located at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. Strategically located along the major shipping and air routes of Asia, it is the major nerve centre for trade and investments in the region.

Spanning just over 622 sq km, Singapore, though small, is undoubtedly an advanced and bustling economy. It thrives on an excellent infrastructure, a highly educated labor force, political stability and an efficient business environment.

Singapore is an ideal holding company and headquarters location and a gateway for foreign investments in to the emerging economies of Asia, such as China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Singapore gained its independence from Britain in 1965 but maintains a legal system based on the English Common Law. The national currency is the Singapore Dollar and there are no foreign exchange controls. The official languages are English, and to a lesser extent, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil.

Key Corporate Features


Type of entity: Resident/Non Resident
Type of law: Common
Time to establish a new company: 7-9 days
Minimum government fees (excluding taxation): S$365
Corporate taxation: 17%
Double taxation treaty access: Yes

Share capital or equivalent

Standard currency: SGD$
Permitted currencies: Any
Minimum paid up: S$1

Directors or Managers

Minimum number: One
Local required: Yes – one
Publicly accessible records: Yes
Location of meetings: Anywhere


Minimum number: One (Corporation or Individual)
Publicly accessible records: Yes
Location of meetings: Anywhere

Company Secretary

Required: Yes
Local or qualified: Yes


Requirement to prepare: Yes
Audit requirements: Yes but there are exemptions
Requirement to file accounts: Yes but there are exemptions
Publicly accessible accounts: Yes but there are exemptions


Requirement to file annual return: Yes